Full Set

Pink & White
Glitter Powder
Acrylic with Shellac
Acrylic Nails

Fill In

Pink & White
Pink Fill Only
Glitter Powder
Acrylic with Shellac
Acrylic Nails

 Note: Price may vary for extra long nails

Shellac Manicure
Shellac Polish Change (Hands)
Regular Manicure
Manicure & Pedicure
Basic Pedicure
Sea Salt Pedicure
Deluxe Pedicure
Fantasy Signature Pedicure
Super Relax Pedicure
Pearl Spa/ Jelly Pedicure
Basic Pedicure with Shellac Polish
Shellac Polish Change (Feet)


Polish Change Hands
Polish Change Feet
French for American
Nails Take Off with Manicure
Nails Soak Off
Nail Repair Each
Nail Cut Down Buffer Shine
Nail Design
Paraffin Wax

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